Hebe Pendant


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The Hebe Pendant protects you from negative influences, inviting you to celebrate your beauty, invoking grace and youthful joy. Youngest daughter of Zeus, Hebe was considered the divine personification of everlasting grace and beauty. Meaning “youth” in Greek, Hebe represents feminine grace and charm. She is associated with the return of youthfulness to the old and everlasting life through her role of by serving the nectar of immortality to the Gods. An 18-carat gold plated brass charm is strung on a golden pyrite chain. Pyrite is considered a protective stone, creating a shield against negative energy, environmental pollutants and emotional attack. It supports the wearer’s emotional wellbeing and to embrace a spirit of boldness, enhancing the first and second chakra. An uplifting stone, it boosts self-worth and helps overcome feelings of inadequacy or inferiority. Pyrite can also assist in releasing negative and inhibiting patterns of behaviour and enhance willpower and ability to take the action necessary for personal growth and success. Pyrite is also considered lucky, and can help attract prosperity, wealth and prosperity through creative energies of manifestation and its encouragement of following one’s dreams. Materials: pyrite gemstone rosy chain, gold plated brass and cotton tassel. Length: 47.5cm
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