Anahita Necklace


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The Anahita Pendant supports you to embrace your innate intuitive gifts and express your divine feminine nature. One of the earliest of the Great Mothers, Anahita is an ancient Babylonian goddess associated with fertility, water, purity, healing and wisdom. Her themes include spring, relationships, equality, and sexuality. Her name means “the immaculate one,” and she is associated with “the fountain in the stars,” warm, fertile waters flowing from the celestial realms to bring blessings into our lives. Anahita also has her fierce face, and she is also a warrior maiden. The golden Middle Eastern brass feature pendant represents Anahita’s Babylonian ancestry hanging from a strand of lustrous faceted rainbow moonstone. Rainbow moonstone is connected with new beginnings and is deeply connected with the moon and to the intuition. Aligned with the divine feminine, it promotes empathy and receptive, surrendering, feminine energy. Deeply soothing to the emotions, rainbow moonstone reminds us that just as the moon waxes and wanes, so everything is part of an ever-evolving cycle of change. Traditionally, rainbow moonstone is worn to promote and enhance psychic abilities and develop clairvoyance. Materials: Faceted rainbow moonstone beads, brass feature pendant and accent beads, gold plated chain and clasp. Length: Adjustable chain worn short to medium length necklace.
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