Soul Healing Session

 This is 75 minutes of Soul Medicine. We will take a deep dive into the truth of your soul, divining insight into exactly where you are, gaining a higher perspective on your current circumstances. We will examine where you want to go with your life, identify any blockages or challenges, and lay out a clear path towards your brightest future.

You will receive clear, loving, divine guidance to break through confusion, doubt and fear. This Session provides clarity, direction alignment with your soul’s truth. This session is for you if you are experiencing confusion, doubt, pain or struggle and are ready to take responsibility for your life and experience a powerful breakthrough.

This Session includes unlimited tarot and oracle cards, channelled guidance, and follow up email with a summary of action points, recommended self care activities, suggested ceremonies and mantras as relevant.

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Alignment Session

 This reading is available either as a live session or as an email reading delivered to your inbox. Focused around identifying where you are, what your obstacles are and what is needed for resolution, this is an in-depth reading designed to realign you with your soul path.


Using tarot cards, this reading is based on the 12 card Celtic Cross spread.


Soul Espresso: Quick Guidance

 This is a quick shot of loving, soul guidance channelled directly from spirit. Whether you have a specific question or just want to see what guidance is available, this is for you. You will receive an email offering specific, accurate guidance that you can put into action immediately.


What You Can Expect From A Reading

I use a combination of tarot, oracle cards and channelling to receive direct messages from spirit for you. I work with my spirit guides, and a range of angels, ascended masters and Goddesses that serve unconditional love. My readings are accurate, specific and always based in loving kindness.

I am a straight talking, direct person who believes in your innate power. I will always be focused on your highest good and supporting you to live your most empowered, soul-aligned life. I won’t sugar coat the challenges, but I also deeply believe in the value of embracing our struggles and finding healing as the path to true joy. I also believe that grounded, practical action aligned with a clear sense of understanding and purpose is the best way to improve or transform your life.




I do not believe in disempowering fortune telling. While accurately predicting likely outcomes can definitely help us make empowered choices, we are all powerful entities with free will, and have the ability to influence the world and manifest according to that will. My goal is to assist you in co-creating your desired life with the Universe.

We will work together to figure out how to put the guidance into action in your life in a way that works for you, with tangible, achievable steps. I won’t tell you what to do, but I’ll make a series of suggestions and you can decide where you will take it from there. You will leave a reading feeling a renewed sense of understanding, and a sense of purpose.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I’m scared to have a reading, what if you tell me something bad is going to happen?

A. In my experience, readings generally affirm what you already know in your heart. I rarely see clients unduly shocked or surprised by what I have to tell them. If difficult predictions or insight comes up, it tends to be because you are having a tough time, and are plenty aware of this already! My readings also tend to be focused on you and your choices at any given time rather than fortunetelling. It can actually be very comforting to have what you are feeling reflected back to you in greater detail and put into perspective.

Q. What kind of psychic are you?

A. I identify as a clairaudience, clairvoyant channel medium. This means I receive spoken guidance and visual images from a team of spirit guides. I also work in channeling messages directly from angels, ascended masters, gods and goddesses that wish to communicate and work with you. I only work with beings of the light that offer guidance given from unconditional love.

This doesn’t mean I know all about you or can guess random facts about your life. I really serve as a channel through which higher guidance can offer you messages, I will only be told or shown as much as is needed to serve your best interests. 


Q. Are you able to predict the future?

A. Sometimes, yes.  I can definitely look at likely outcomes and what direction you are currently headed in life. The thing is, we all have free will, as does everyone else in life, and if you or someone influential in your life changes their mind about something important, or makes a significant choice, the future will change.

On the upside, this means if you don’t like where you are headed, or what is forecast to happen, you can change it. I can assist you in looking at probable outcomes and the kind of energy surrounding a choice or situation, or relationship, but I do not guarantee outcomes. Tarot works best when you focus on your free will and ability to take action. So for example, rather than asking “What does my future hold?” I encourage you to ask “How can I move forward into my best possible future?”

Future predictions also become less accurate the further away they get. Life is dynamic, and a lot can change in a short time. Readings generally works best for looking at events in the next 12 months or so.

Q. Are you able to communicate with the spirits of deceased people?

A. No, I prefer not to work with friends and family that have passed over. 


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