Why sacred living doesn’t have to be time consuming

When we think of spiritual rituals we can often think it has to be an elaborate, ceremonious process that takes hours, and let’s be honest, who’s got time for that? Maybe now and then, but certainly not every day. The good news is that you don’t have to dedicate days and hours to bringing the sacred into your everyday life. In fact, the more simple, regular rituals we connect to on a daily basis, the more we are inviting sacred energy into our lives. The big fancy ritual you do once a month is less valuable than the three quick little ones you do every day for creating lasting change. Here are eleven ideas to help you Goddess-charge your day.
  1. Start your day with a cup of herbal tea. The first few moments of our day are a wonderful time to kick the day off in the way you mean to continue. Ease into your morning with a cup of something delicious, like peppermint and liquorice tea or a rooibos chai. Bless your cup as you make it. Stir your cup and visualise sparkling light infusing the liquid, blessing you with light and magick as you drink it. Savour the experience, enjoy the warmth of the ceramic as you hold the cup, the slippery liquid sliding over your tongue. We often rush through our morning, and miss the chance to experience the sensuality of even the simple things. Herbal tea is a chance to connect to nature and imbibe some plant medicine.
  2. Pull an oracle card for your day. You can do this while you drink your tea, if you like! Take a moment to centre yourself, and pull a card from your deck of choice. Gaze at the card and allow impressions and thoughts to rise through your mind. Read the guidebook and reflect on the message that has been given to you. You can take a snapshot on your phone so you can glance at it again later in the day if you like. Work on applying the messages of the card throughout your day in simple ways. At the end of the day, take a moment with your card and see if you can recognise how that card played out for you today, or if you have any further insight into the message. Over time you will start to recognise the incredible synchronicity and inspiration available in these messages.
  3. Gaze at a sacred flame. Light a candle and spend five minutes gazing at the flame, focusing on your breathing and allowing your thoughts to drift through you. This is a simple but powerful meditation. Let your self take a mini break from your day, from your worries, your thoughts, your To Do list and allow yourself to just be. If you are travelling, a tea light and a lighter are a simple magick kit to carry with you.
  4. Create a Medicine Bag. Originally a Native American tradition, you can make or find yourself a small bag or pouch. Each day, or week, or every couple of days, as you see fit, you can tuck away little treasures and mementoes to carry with you. It might be a particular crystal or gemstone you are working with, an essential oil roller, a mantra written on some paper, a photograph, some herbs, a piece of jewellery or trinket, the possibilities are really endless. The purpose is to create some touchstone reminders for yourself of what you are working on, the energies and properties you are calling in, and offering yourself the support you need to stay present and grounded throughout your day.
  5. Bless and be grateful for your food. You don’t have to be Christian to take a moment before eating to offer gratitude for the food on your plate, and appreciate the nourishment you are about to receive.
  6. Take a ritual bath (or shower). Bathing can become a sacred act of cleansing your body and your energy field. Make it special by lighting a bunch of candles, playing some soft music and incorporating some epsom salts, essential oils and special soap.Pop some water resistant crystal into your bath, or some flowers petals or herbs. Allow yourself to relax and visualise any heaviness leaving your energy field as black smoke, and calling in light and sparkles to refresh your aura. Visualise the water washing over you and cleansing off any negative energy.
  7. Connect with deity. FInd a quiet space and close your eyes. Centre yourself in your body, and feel the strength of the earth below and the space and clarity from the sky above. When you are ready visualise your god, goddess, angel or master, or simply think I am present, I am available. I am receptive to divine wisdom. Stay open and see if there are any messages that come through to you. If anything comes up, be attentive and receptive, even if it doesn’t make much sense to you right now. You may not receive a particular message, but simply feel a sense of peace, or love. This is deity too. When you are done, offer thanks and open your eyes. If you did receive a message, you may wish to jot it down to refer to later.
  8. Cleanse your space. Whether you do a quick tidy, a thorough cleanse, or just spritz some cleansing mist around, pay attention to the quality of your space and give it a boost when needed. I like to keep sage oil in a mist bottle to spritz around as a I don’t always want to burn sage and have smoke in my space.
  9. Spend time in nature. We all know this is good for us, and it’s easy to get so busy we forget to make time. Even if just pause when we are outside, and choose to walk slowly on our way from one thing to another rather than rushing, breath the air and feel the breeze, feel the earth beneath our feet, notice the birds in the sky. If you can manage a walk or a picnic, even better, but make the most of the time you have. Crack a window and gaze at the sky, breathe the fresh air. Get some sun on your skin.
  10. Indulge in sacred dance. Pop your headphones on or crank the stereo and play a few tunes. I love using cordless ear buds for privacy and freedom of movement. Close you eyes and really let your body move as its wants to, as it needs to. Loosen the reins on your emotions and let yourself really feel whatever is present for you. You might want to cry, laugh shout, or just experience your emotions intensely. Let your energy and emotions wash through you, connect to the music and move your body. This can be as long or short a process as you like. Even one song in which you are fully present can powerfully shift your energy.
  11. Self care is sacred. Whether you spend a few minutes rubbing moisturiser over your body, select your clothes and accessories with care, wear some special jewellery or take a few minutes to do your hair, bringing presence and attention to our body and the way we care for and present it can become a sacred act. Honour the Goddess within by doing these things with love.
  12. Pray. I like to end each day with prayer. Start by calling in the divine. Take a few moments to connect and centre yourself. Positive areas to focus your prayers on include gratitude, forgiveness, surrender, asking for assistance with any area of healing that has come up and honouring yourself for your efforts.
There you have it! Some simple ideas to bring into your day. You are possibly already doing many of these things, and all that is needed is to shift your perception so you recognise it for the sacred ritual that it is. Let me know in the comments if any of these ideas inspire you, or if you have any other awesome suggestions to share.