Lucy’s Bio

Lucy been reading tarot and doing psychic readings for fun and friends for 27 years and giving readings professionally since 2017. Having grown up in the spiritual world, she is now a successful online entrepreneur and tarot educator. Lucy is dedicated to helping others connect to their own intuitive power, find their purpose and the clarity and confidence they need to take inspired action towards their best life. Combining her skills with tarot, channelling and her innate psychic gifts, Lucy has also received Reiki II. 

With a Bachelor of Design, Frontline Management Certificate IV, and 9 years’ experience in business administration and management, Lucy bridges the gap between the practical and the esoteric. Her extensive experience in staff training and education in both the non-profit and small business sector has provided her with the experience to deliver high quality education, and down to earth guidance. She supports her clients to discover their highest spiritual purpose, gifts and life lessons and translate that understanding through into manifesting our goals in our everyday life. She believes that our greatest joy, prosperity and success comes from bringing our life into alignment with our soul’s purpose and feels privileged to have the gifts and abilities to assist others on this journey.


My Story

I was born to organic farmers who threw it in to pursue a spiritual path, and by the age of two I was in Osho’s commune in Oregon, USA. You may know if this from Wild, Wild Country. By the age of seven I was in the Osho commune in Pune, India, and by 14 I was at the Osho Ko Hsuan School in Devon, England. I have lived my life surrounded by spiritual seekers and was raised in the vibration of spiritual awakening. My mother was well known for her past life readings and provided me with early support in encouraging my intuitive gifts. My father said I told him I knew things were going to happen before they did when I was very small.

As a highly intuitive child, I remember making accurate future predictions in primary school and by high school I was in demand for tarot and psychic readings. I was given my first tarot deck at the age of thirteen by my mum and taught myself to read through study and practice. A friend’s mother, who was a well-known Byron Bay psychic, spotted my potential and gave me some mentoring after I accurately predicted her pregnant dog would have six puppies, but that sadly one of them would die.

My parents were free-spirited hippies and moved around a lot. I attended 13 schools in three countries. I always felt like the outsider, constantly playing the role of “the new girl.” I honed my ability to read people and situations to find ways to fit in. This powerful gift of insight informs my readings today.


I pursued a creative early life, studying a Bachelor of Design at UNSW and launched my own jewellery label in 2013. In 2015 I sent pieces down the runway at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Sydney, before having a spiritual awakening (a.k.a. crisis) and starting down the path to personal healing.

While my goal was to heal my trauma, I experienced an unexpected side effect: my neglected intuition roared into life like never before and I started to be flooded with insight, guidance, and intuitive information. While initially both excited and overwhelmed by this new source of information, I rediscovered my tarot cards. I found that the insight, wisdom, and clarity I received in my readings helped me transform my life.

I went from being stressed, overworked, and knowing I was not living in alignment with my purpose, to living a life I truly love. I found the tools and practices to turn my intuitive gift into a powerful tool that guides all my important decisions and is at the heart of everything that I do. I am passionate about sharing these skills so that others can also experience the confidence, clarity  joy of living in alignment with their soul’s wisdom.

In 2016, an unexpected redundancy led to many hours doing readings and soul-searching, seeking guidance on the best way forward, and I decided to turn lemons into lemonade and follow my heart and the nudging of spirit.

My partner of 13 years, Vincent, supported me and we made the sea change from Sydney to Coffs Harbour. I launched my own spiritual business, and For Love + Magick was born on 2017. We now live in our own home overlooking beautiful bushland and close to the coast, and, true confession, don’t miss Sydney at all!

It is now my absolute honour to use my gifts in service of my clients to find clarity, purpose, and direction in their lives, and to assist my students in tapping into their own unlimited intuitive potential and sharing my love of tarot and spirituality.

Thank you for reading my story, and I look forward to connecting with you.

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