About Me

Hi I’m Lucy.

I use my 20+ years experience with tarot, some kiss ass intuition and team of spirit guides to assist you in making the transition from fear to faith, confusion to clarity, effort to alignment.

If you are seeking some soulful guidance, clarity and alignment, you have come to the right place. 

My superpower is guiding you to pinpoint exactly what is going on for you and exactly what you need to shift forwards, and serve as a channel to bring you divine guidance. My goal for you is nothing less than your most beautiful life.

My secret recipe blend of kindness, humour and direct truth telling translates beautifully into grounded and down to earth psychic readings. Sound good? Make a booking today.

Lucy xx


My story

Developing My Gifts

I was an intuitive child, often knowing things were going to happen before they did. My mother gave me my first deck of tarot cards when I was 13. I discovered it was an incredible tool for tapping into the divine wisdom of life. Over time, I expanded my practice to include a range of techniques that allows us to have a direct dialogue with this universal wisdom, and it is my honour to facilitate this conversation.

I work with a team of spirit guides to channel guidance and wisdom directly to you. Many years of practice have supported me in strengthening this connection and while living in alignment with this clear inner knowing is not always easy, it is always a life more luminous, joyous and meaningful, and I want the same for you.


What’s My Purpose?

See I have this idea that what the world needs is more inspired, female leadership. Our planet desperately needs some empowered mothering and fierce femininity to balance out an over-abundance of patriarchy.

The best way I can support this return to balance is to work to be a  living example as best I can, and to use my gifts to help others, both men and women awakened to this awareness, to claim their divine birthright and step into being the progressive leaders that we so desperately need.

My observation is that often the biggest obstacles we face are internal: self-doubt, insecurity, confusion, uncertainty, and the idea that we not only need someone else’s approval, but that society can teach us the best way to be ourselves. That validation is found ‘out there.’

 We can’t change the world if we keep asking permission. When we are connected to our hearts, our worth and a powerful sense of purpose and community, equality and empowerment are inevitable because we refuse to tolerate anything less. My goal is to help as many people as possible connect to their own truth and purpose.

Whether you are a caterpillar wanting a cocoon, in the process of growing your wings, or a butterfly finding your way, transformation is my cup of cauldron brewed tea. Let’s do this!


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