Soul Guidance for Transformation

Hi, I’m Lucy. 

Welcome and thanks for visiting.

My goal is to provide you with the guidance you need to make the transition from fear to faith, confusion to clarity, and effort to alignment so that you can create and live your most beautiful, soulful life.

I use a unique combination of tarot, Reiki II and my psychic gifts to channel guidance and insight for your highest good and deliver high quality, accurate readings you can trust.

I look forward to connecting with you.


Lucy xx

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What Others Are Saying

"Lucy's readings offered a delightful insight into where I'm presently at, what I'm travelling through and where I'm currently headed. I came in feeling heavy and seeking a glimpse of what could be on the other side. Her connection to Spirit and her ability to work with the magick of the cards provided a deep and powerful reading that has left me feeling full of hope, excitement and purpose. Thank you Lucy, I know as a practitioner myself, it's so important and beneficial to allow other practitioners to assist us on this road of life. The future vision made available today gave me such a wider scope to focus on and a path forward that I can trust in."

Jennifer Majenta Moon, Medicine Woman, NSW

"I have consulted with Lucy on a regular basis for the last 4 years. Some of the things I like about Lucy are her honesty, genuineness and transparency. Lucy will always tell you how it is rather than what you want to hear, without doubt, every time. Her insight, intuition, accuracy and ability in tarot reading always astounds me. With very little information about my current situation, Lucy always gets it right."

Margaret Grace Richardson (RN)

"Lucy gives truly wonderful sessions.  The reading itself was so profoundly spot on. Some amazing messages came through and I just so appreciate that she was able to help me find these answers. I will definitely be receiving another Skype session with Lucy."

Emma, Tullebudgerah, NSW

"During my Skype reading with Lucy I felt an immediate connection, it was very relaxed and informal, unlike readings I’ve had in the past. All of the cards that came up were very reflective of my current circumstances and were so relevant to how I had been feeling.

I was not only provided with some good insight into particular situations but also very valid advice to takeaway. I left the reading feeling refreshed and at peace with the path I am on. 

I highly recommend Lucy to anyone who is after some genuine wisdom and guidance in any aspect of their life."

Emma, Gold Coast
"(Lucy) is both a teacher and a guide to tapping into a deeper consciousness, and I got much more out of reading than I ever expected . Lucy is truly gifted and I look forward to my time with her again."

Michelle, Sydney, NSW

"Lucy has this amazing ability to relay to me  such accurate information about things happening in my life, that  she really has no way of knowing  (because I certainly haven't even hinted about it).

If I am at a crossroads and I  just don’t  know which way to go, I contact Lucy and by the end of the session, I always feel I have clarity  and that I know exactly what  the best path is  to take, and the right path for me, at that particular time .

For an accurate, honest and genuine reading I definitely recommend Lucy."

Margaret Grace Richardson (RN)

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Soul Healing Session

These 75-minute live Zoom readings are perfect for anyone going through a crossroads or transition, who is trying to break through a persistent barrier or problem, or who is seeking more meaning and purpose in their life. Discover the guidance you need to navigate your choices, work through blocks or shadows and leave feel clear, uplifted and inspired for your future.

Alignment Session

This reading is delivered by your choice of email or video and is equal to half hour reading. Explore one question in detail or two questions more briefly. Discover the guidance you need to answer your questions, clarify your situation, understand a relationship or make an important choice, gaining the confidence you need to move forward in alignment with your soul’s path.