Magick For Your Whole Soul.

Hi, I’m Lucy.

I use my 20+ years experience with tarot, some kiss ass intuition and team of spirit guides to assist you in making the transition from fear to faith, confusion to clarity, effort to alignment.

If you are seeking some soulful guidance, clarity and alignment, you have come to the right place. 

My superpower is guiding you to pinpoint exactly what is going on for you and exactly what you need to shift forwards, and serve as a channel to bring you divine guidance. My goal for you is nothing less than your most beautiful life.

My secret recipe blend of kindness, humour and direct truth telling translates beautifully into grounded and down to earth psychic readings. Sound good? Make a booking today.

Lucy xx

Popular Readings

Soul Guidance

Ready to connect to deeper meaning and some soulful guidance? Let’s look at  exactly what’s going on for you right now, what is headed your way and the most aligned path to take on your personal journey.

Finding Purpose

If you are confused, facing a major life choice, or simply wondering if there is more to life, we can find clarity and direction for you on your path. Receive Universal guidance on the best path forward for you.


Seeking insight into a relationship, or wondering when one is going to show up?  Clear the confusion, find healing and find the love and intimacy you desire.

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what to expect

My Approach to Readings

Using a potent blend of tarot, oracle cards and direct channeling, there is nothing I love better than connecting with another person and working together to gain insight, focus and clarity. 

Tarot and You

When Readings Can Help

  • Finding your life purpose
  • Making a decision
  • Doing your soul’s work
  • Work / career
  • Relationships
  • Finding a life partner / soul mate
  • Getting unstuck
  • Spiritual guidance
  • And more

What Others Are Saying

“(Lucy) is both a teacher and a guide to tapping into a deeper consciousness, and I got much more out of reading than I ever expected . Lucy is truly gifted and I look forward to my time with her again.”
Michelle, Sydney, NSW
“Lucy gives truly wonderful sessions.  The reading itself was so profoundly spot on. Some amazing messages came through and I just so appreciate that she was able to help me find these answers. I will definitely be receiving another Skype session with Lucy.” Emma, Tullebudgerah, NSW

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